Our Achievements

Over the years, we have strived to live up to our mandate of:

i. Teacher Training: Our primary mandate is the production of well grounded teachers for the Universal Basic Education Programme-this covers the six (6) years of Primary education and first three years of Secondary School- the Junior Secondary school. The Early Child Care Education (ECCE) Programme has been recently introduced to produce teachers for pre-primary education and care givers. Over the years, we have strived to live up to expectation. Our products are generally highly rated. Many of them occupy high places at both the State and Federal Civil Services and are found in numerous other areas of human endeavour.

ii. Accreditation Visits: Over the years, the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) has recognized and appreciated the worth of our staff. Many of them have continued to serve as panelists on NCCE accreditation visits nation-wide.

iii. Sports: The College has always performed in the Nigeria Colleges of Education Games (NICEGA) since the inception of the fiesta in 1978. We have consistently performed creditably well in the games. During the last edition of the games (for 2011 but held in 2012) in Omoku, Rivers State, the College was placed 9th out of the 61 Colleges that took part in the fiesta. That was the worst we ever performed and this was because our contingent was attacked on their way to the Zonal Elimination Series in Minna where we lost a student with several others sustaining gun shots and other injuries. Coupled with this mishap, our staff were on strike for over six months just before the Games and students had to be called from their homes with very little time for adequate training.

iv. Discipline: Like many other tertiary institutions, the College continues to wage war against nefarious and unethical attitudes such as examination malpractice, cultism, thuggery, indecent dressing, substance abuse, drunkenness, smoking, armed robbery, forgery, rumour mongering, gangsterism, sexual harassment, violence amongst other vices. In the area of indecent dressing, a dress code has been institutionalized and is being enforced..

v. Perimeter Fence: From Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), a Perimeter Fence has been erected but is yet to be fully closed due to the access road to the neighbouring community that has bisected the College. This has reasonably checked encroachment and beefed security of lives and property on the campus.

vi. Ultra Modern Library Complex: Through Internally Generated Revenue, the College has constructed an ultra modern Library Complex that has become a reference point for other tertiary institutions both within and outside the State. It also has an electronic unit and is adequately stocked with books and other reference materials.

vii. Borehole: The presence of several hand driven and motorized boreholes has greatly assuaged students’ water need; a potent source of students’ unrest.

viii. B.Ed. Programme: The College has currently taken steps to re-start this programme for which our Governing Council has given its approval. We expect this to come on board soonest.

ix. Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) and the College: Since its inception, TETFund has progressively and steadily contributed immensely to the infrastructural up-liftment of the College. From May 2007 to date, the following projects have been completed and are being put to use:

a. Sports Gymnasium Complex

b. Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science

c. Technical Education Drawing Room

d. A block of offices for School of Education

e. Performing Arts Theatre Complex

f. A storey building housing laboratories for Clothing/Textiles and Food/Nutrition; Agricultural Mechanization and Soil Science g. A storey building for Information Communication Technology (ICT)

h. Provision of assorted furniture for Lecture Halls and staff offices

i. A storey building for the School of Languages’ staff offices.

Under construction courtesy of TETFund is: